Bluff Cards: How to Play Cards |BLUFF| Hindi

The way you play bluff online card game is along the same lines you play bluff in a brick and mortar environment.

The idea is to cheat your opponents into a win. Look at it like being a friendly thief… Doesn’t make any bones about stealing from you, but keeps a straight face as if doing it all in good faith – crazy funny, isn’t it?

Anyway, even as you cheat – or get cheated – bluff cards game rules exist. It’s only that they are the ones that have given room for cheating; something that makes the game very interesting.

Rules can be frustrating, you know. But with the bluff card game, whether it is online or not, you follow the strict good sportsman-sportswoman rules only as long as they work for you. If not, you summon the boyish or girlish you and bluff.

Here comes the Queen! And you slip forward your card face down, so nobody else but you can tell that the Queen was actually no Queen, but another rank like say, Ace. Mh – that’s a true way to dismantle your opponent’s game plan; what sets the bluff online card game apart from other card games.

How to Play the Conventional Bluff Card Game

In general, three or more players are involved in a bluff card game. Even so, beyond six may be a bit too many. The idea as you play is to dispose of all your cards as fast as you can. You want to lead the other players in doing so, especially because if you are playing for money, you will receive the money worth all the cards your opponents are still holding when the game ends.

You begin by ensuring your stack of cards does not have any jokers. Then someone deals the cards and distributes them equally, face down. One player then sets off the game by placing the first card, face down, in the middle of the table, while announcing its rank – is it a queen, an ace, a 3, an 8?

Remember this is a bluff card game, so you cannot take the lead’s word for it. And while you can call his or her bluff, there is a risk involved – you could end up with a balance of more cards than you bargained for, as you will soon see.

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As other players follow the lead’s example in a clockwise sequence, there is no need to announce the card suit, say, hearts, clubs, or anything like that. Just like the lead, rank is all that counts.

Play Online Bluff Card Game

Can you now see you need not spend big to feel refreshed? Enjoying a bluff card game can be just as refreshing as having a moment in the spa. What with all the excitement and laughter after your bluffing repeatedly bears fruit? And by fruit I mean money…hm. You don’t play bluff online card game just for entertainment…

There’s money in it. And all you need to do is bring your brick and mortar skills onto the virtual world.

Often all you require to shed off the day’s fatigue is a game that makes you feel like a kid all over again. Among the benefits of bluff cards is that you do not have to spend a lot of money to participate online. A couple of dollars will get you playing on a good gaming site for free online casino game.

You also need not travel to anywhere. As long as you have a computer or mobile phone, you can play the bluff online card game with strangers from…yes – anywhere.

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Tricks for Winning Bluff Card Game

  • If you think it does not suit you to play during your turn, say ‘pass’ and skip.
  • Sshh… you could say ‘pass’ to play on your opponents’ psychology – making them feel you are being stupidly honest about the ranks you have –ha ha.
  • Take a chance on bluffing – it’s a worthwhile risk. Why? Often you are short on a rank or two that would make you enjoy the game better. So, if you are caught cheating, you’ll have a chance to gain your missing ranks.

What Are the Bluff Card Game Rules?

Bluff cards game rules are pretty easy to follow. Look at them here below.

  1. You have a free hand in the number of players involved
  2. Cards should be distributed equally among all players
  3. The leading player begins play with one, two, three or four cards – no more.
  4. The cards played at once must be from the same rank.
  5. Each player must announce the rank of cards played every time, e.g. 3 aces or 2 spades.
  6. You are allowed to call an opponent’s bluff if you believe they have deceived about the card rank.
  7. If you are proven wrong, meaning your opponent never cheated, you are obligated to clear the table and add the pile of cards to your stack.
  8. You are obligated to display the cards you played if your opponent calls your bluff.
  9. If it is proven you actually cheated, not only do you take back those cards you cheated with, you also collect all the other cards played earlier and add them to your stack.

As you can see, bluff cards game rules are meant to keep a balance between playing a game like it’s an army regimen, and players going all rogue. The in-between is what brews all the fun.

Do not forget even when you are on your computer playing bluff online card game there are those virtual opponents that you need to beat.

So, you now know the bluff cards game rules, and you want to win some good money for yourself even as you have fun, so why not subscribe to a game site where you can play a bluff online card game?

If becoming a little devious, as allowed by this crazy casino game, will make you win big, by all means do it and be the first to dispose of your cards.

That way, you will be the bluff cards game undisputed winner, who walks home with a gait, a big smile, and a healthy wallet!